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Administration Department

The Administrative Department manages a set of activities in line with pre-established priorities. So, leading the LRT with their own politics, "qualification and innovation of methods for all areas of work, thereby ensuring the smooth functioning of all its services and training to its employees". Treat yet, human resources relations, and are the only focus of investment and the demand for new technologies on the market.

Design and Development Department

Our Design and Development Department has an important contribution to the continued success of LRT. Here lies the creativity of our designers of embroidery and are responsible for developing and investigating new techniques of work and materials. We work with a great team spirit in a relaxed environment and responsible.

Commercial Department

Consists of a team always ready to solve the problems. They are the bridge between company and customers connection le. With great experience in the field, our commercials suggest customers to follow the best option and are characterized by dynamism and responsibility.

Production Department

Consisting of a production team and samples, are responsible for the fluidity of production respecting the standards of quality. We refer to people of high professional level of the area, which allows us to give quick and effective responses to the final customer.

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